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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back at the regular site now

Just a note that we've moved back to the regular site now.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nothing past 7/22 yet

If anyone has any information that shouldn't go in the comments please send it to my gmail account.

I still have not seen a referral past 7/22.

I wish I could understand why the CCAA thinks that secrecy is so important. There are agencies who spoke with the CCAA last night or the night before and were told there is no information. And yet, they received referrals today, so they were told this after referrals had been mailed. Why would the CCAA lie to them? What could it hurt to let families know as soon as there is information to know?

When we did this before I never felt that the CCAA had an antagonistic relationship with waiting families... but during this adoption I feel very much like this is the case. I wish I knew of a way to change that.

And now I'm going to go back into a dark room and cry some more. One week of referrals just hurts. My heart hurts. I mean, it physically hurts. This is not just an emotional hurt. I wish the CCAA could understand what we are going through.

When I am through feeling sorry for myself I will look to see about changing hosts to one that can handle 700 people in a ten second period of time.

What we know

Referrals are covering through at least 7/22.

Another agency has told their people that the cut off this month is the 22nd.

Someone with a 7/26 LID has been told she will not get her referral this month.

Someone posted a referral for twins on the July board.

July 22nd

Someone with a 7/22 LID has received the call.

Referrals are HERE!!!!!

Ya'll are pounding the bejeebers out of my server. Over 700 people are trying to get in at once - LOL.

Okay, here is what we know so far.

Referrals have arrived at three agencies that I know of. The latest date I have seen so far is 7/20.

If you know of a later date, PLEASE let me know.

If your agency got referrals please let me know the first LID group that was not included.